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Happy Friday! If you had or are wrapping up a pretty horrid week, pick your feelings and yourself up.  As impossible as this action might feel at times, in reality you *do* have the power to do that.  So do the picking up. On your time. That's okay :) You and your day are more precious and worthy of a good ending than you'd ever think-- just as much as anyone else.  Have a great weekend. To good days, to better days, and to your great days. 
We're rooting for you.  PC: Artwork from the lovely digital #artist @mehmetgeren  #mentalhealth #wellness #atemliving #selfcare #smartskincare #digitaldetox #weekends #artwelove #maryoliver #wordsofhealing Looking for effective skincare that matches your values and your lifestyle? Try our hero product, First Milk, a face mask constructed with milk protein fibers, ZERO chemical processing, and ingredients that are sourced sustainably through local farms in South Korea too-- All this clean and natural goodness, and we didn't sacrifice efficacy. 😉  We engineered the best, for you. Why settle for any less?  #sustainableliving #cleanliving #healthyliving #atem #breath #wellness #smartskincare #kbeauty #sustainability #luxurycareforall #globalliving #progressiveliving #eastmeetswest We call this: Lessons in Morning #Entrepreneurship - A Portrait 😂  This coupled with dawn + trying to get customs to release time sensitive shipments of our wonderful and harmless #skincare  We seriously apologize for any trouble you might have come across since yesterday accessing our shop— happy to say we are back up!  Morning Lesson: As an Entrepreneur, never forget that learning and responding as quickly [but with openness & wisdom - meeting mountains of stress with no stress], as nimbly and as patient as you can will be a virtue.
Thank you for the love and patience. ♡  We have a question for you-- food for thought as we hit the morning running today with blips and boops: When your day is starting out circumstantially unwell, what do you do to maintain wellness in your state of mind?  Let us know!  #entrepreneurlife #creativesdoingthings The day's not done-- make some magic today.  PC: @rovvxhyo  #atem #breathe #supercream #superyou #wellnessreminders #atemliving Hi fam! ATEM is a year old 🎉.
Thanks for sticking with us through one of the wildest years of our lives. We're growing well and it's all thanks to your support and love. 
It makes us blush thinking about it all so we're just going to hide behind a cone here as we express our sincere thanks.💁‍♀️ We're still very young, and there is more to do and learn in 1) listening to you, 2) getting the word out so we can introduce premium product and our message of good living to more people and 3) working doubly hard to make sure our products continually speak for themselves on quality, performance, and efficacy. We'll be running... :) Thank you. Thank you for existing, and thank you for being you!  Be well and take care [in mind & in body], Your family at ATEM  PC: Wonderful Japanese #artist and #photographer @osamuyokonami 
#wellnessskincare #kbeauty #globalbeauty #innovation #cleancosmetics A SUPER Cream designed for you, or for two 🖖: Did you know that much of what is advertised to men as men’s skincare is entry level product that’s been historically sold to women? This phenomenon can aptly be described as "entering a new market" (market here being targeting male consumers) and with the recent boom in interest by men in #selfcare , companies in the past decade have been rushing to enter the game to service a burgeoning customer demographic. The question to our men though is: why settle for less?  We hope with the community we’re building at ATEM, we’re encouraging intelligent and honest discussions about the ways we think, how we consume, and ultimately how we live, so join the discussion :) #intelligentliving #atemliving #engineeredformenandwomen #smart #skincareforall #koreaninnovation #progressiveliving #germanforbreath #globalliving #agedefense #peptidecream Skincare isn’t just about making your skin feel, or look good. It’s engaging a sacred ritual of daily care that speaks to the very way you see yourself and how you take care of yourself. Take a couple minutes tonight and be unhurried in applying your #skincare [or with your toothbrush]. Use it as as an opportunity to breathe and to recalibrate. You’ll find your skin and your mind thanking you for it. 
#atemliving #breathe #kbeauty #innovativeskincare #goodliving #selfcare #cleanbeauty #consciousconsumerism #sustainableliving #smartskincare #mentalhealth #wellness "Epidermal Growth Factor, 'Insulin-like' Growth Factor, Fibroblast Growth Factor"— sounds like a scene from the Power Rangers, but make that the OG6 minus 6. We know these heroish active ingredients sound odd, but you’ll have seen them, say in @bioeffectofficial 's EGF Serum ($160) 
Check out the skim/sum benefits of this amazing trio of goodness in the construction of First Milk, our #wonder Face Mask constructed with milk. Accessible, superior— and made for a beautiful you. *For men & women*  #biotech #selfcare #smartskincare #intelligentliving #luxuryforall #productknowledge #education #atem #germanforbreath #koreaninnovation #consciousconsumerism

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