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When you're masking and it's okay because she is too. Tag a friend who'll let you mask anywhere 👽🤴👸 Photo cred// Joe and gal with ATEM

#inthenameofselfcare #uglymasking #issavibe #atemliving MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY!😊 Mother's Day is coming up on the 12th in the USA and there's not a day we aren't thankful for all the parental figures and moms who have shown us how to live well and have led by example. To celebrate, we are giving away some luxe skincare to a couple people! Two lucky winners will receive First Milk facial treatment mask sets, a treatment with bovine colostrum filtrate that intensely hydrates and immediate brightens after one use,  for themselves and their mum to *rejuvenate* with 🌱. Here's how you can enter:

1. Like this photo

2. Follow @atemlife

3. Tag friends in comments who'd like to enter for themselves and their mothers for extra entries. *Must be a US resident*

Contest ends on May 6th, 11:59PM EST and winners will be announced in our stories! Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

We find mental health, the health of your emotional and mental state, to be incredibly important to talk about as a company in the business of skincare and wellness.

So often we forget that our physical wellbeing is often tied to our mental and emotional being, which all stems from the brain.

Our founder, Susan, enjoys painting and surrounding herself with #art as it calms the overstimulated nature of her mind, and allows her to process thoughts without feeling overwhelmed.

What is something unique to you as an individual that you do for your #mentalhealth ? Leave us a comment below!

#atem #theairyoubreathe Skullcap Extract, an ingredient in First Milk, our facial mask treatment - On most cosmetic labelings, it's often noted as Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract.

What is the flower regarded highly for?

At higher doses, it promotes decreased anxiety and a better sleep.

At the concentrations and delivery method pertaining to cosmetics, it is used for the treatment of inflammation, to brighten and infuse the skin with antioxidants. 
Photo Ref: Nick Alan, Watercolor & Pencil Artist
#backtoourroots #mondayeducation #skincare #masking #homeopathy #naturopathy #atemliving #intelligentliving "I’ve always felt as if there are gender roles placed on certain self care, but I’ve never really cared for. For example, for men it’s mainly seemed as if the only self care we can practice is through sports, drinking, or any other kind of hobby that’ll take your brain off things.
Now my self care routine involves a haircut, working out, consistently meditating, cleaning the house, burning sage/incense/candles, face masks, even getting a manicure or pedicure if needed. I never hesitated to be this way because in my eyes I was always taking care of myself and that’s all that mattered. "

Wellness and mindfulness. What does it all mean?

And what does wellness mean for us today with gender added into the mix?

This week, we give you a conversation between contributing writer, Carly Quellman, and a male professional basketball player, in which they examine social media's role in lessening the stigma of wellness for men & women, a man's place in the world of "self-care" today, and one individual's practice of caring for self.

Link in bio via ATEM Life, our wellness and #mentalhealth advocacy platform.

#takecareofyourself #atem #theairyoubreathe What's a truth you plan to remember today? A kind man once told me in times of struggle “Sometimes you need to let things roll off you like water off a duck’s back”

And as banal as this phrase is, the words still healed. 
At ATEM, we care a lot about equipping friends with the right tools to not just care for skin and body, but for themselves holistically.

PHOTO REF: @larryhofmann

#atem #breathing #fundamentals #whatinspiresus Breathe. Big, deep breaths that help you feel grounded. Feel safe in your body. Trust your instincts and intuition, knowing they are guiding you in the right direction. You are loved, immensely and profoundly. 
Have a good Monday!

PHOTO REF: @osamuyokonami 
#mondaymantra #breathe #atem #skincare #bodycare #artistswelove #filmphoto Happy Friday!

For all our new friends, just wanted to give a brief intro as to what we are about

We're part body-care, part education 🍹- we're a direct-to-consumer content and education platform focused on skincare and advocating for comprehensive wellness.
We are the brand we want you and your children will grow up with - from trustworthy, service-centered education, to safe and progressive skincare.

We're a small & glorious team passionate and on FIRE about making mental health an easier and more understood thing to talk about for America and beyond.

Get to know us and tag a friend who'd love us!👋

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