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Yes, really. We’re all about sustainability, wellness, and innovation and we’re also about giving you progressive, non-private label, innovative, premium skincare at a more affordable cost. 
Because mindfulness is cuter than you think.  #shawnmendes #sensualmediation #mindfulmeditation #angelicvoicesfromonhigh #liveatem #atemliving #consciousliving #consciousconsumerism #mindfulness #wellness #wellbeing #great #skincare STRESS FACTS: Are you willing to experience stress? Not all stress is bad stress. Coined by stress studies pioneer and psychologist Hans Selyre, "eustress" or "euphoric stress," is what we call stress that's positive-- the kind of stress that's been studied to be good for the body and soul... one that churns out positivity, radical transformation and growth. Case in point: If you are a #runner lover, think of the adrenaline rush you feel pushing yourself on a run to your maximum limits.*that* is euphoric stress. Consider it and mull it over. We're curious to see where you observe your euspress moments.  #foodforthought #positivestress #dynamicliving #wellness #atemliving #atem #hansselyre #endocrinology "Somewhere down my childhood, I learned that being a 'strong' woman was a great honor. However, in my world, the virtues people praised in the "strong woman" were things like suffering and carrying on dutifully in self-sacrifice for her family, or the collective. I grew up being taught that the strong woman was defined as one who put others first, always. Always, always, others before oneself. With this in mind, I did not feel I had access to the full understanding of mental health nor the freedom in evaluating, validating, and responding to my needs, which is what I needed as an individual and woman." Read on at , our #wellness blog to hear more about how Renée Simone, a model based in South Korea, is pursuing life. In general, think before you buy any product, "do I really need it?" How does the creation of this product impact the environment and what further impacts will there be with the disposal of the product (and associated packaging materials)? Does it faciliate my wellbeing in some non-negotiable way? Emotionally? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? Then act. Some people use the 30 Day Rule: waiting 30 days after the first time you decide you want a product to really make your decision. It's all about playing the long game, not the impulse game. #liveatem Today’s The Day! SUPER Cream, your answer to aging and dullness is OUT and about. Formulated with proven, data-backed ingredients  that help with early fine wrinkles, SUPER is made to address the modern adult professionals’ concerns as they transition from their early years to real #adulting years. Have dull skin? Don’t worry, we got you. Worried about accelerated aging? Don’t worry, we got you there too. Sign up to our brand on and we’ll get you 15% off your first order with us. Join the good life, join the smart life. 
#selfcare #joinatem #wellness #theairyoubreathe Wellness Tip: The Art of Saying No-Learning to say no is really hard; many of us feel obligated to say yes when someone asks for our time or energy. However, if you’re already stressed or overworked, saying yes to loved ones or coworkers can lead to burnout, anxiety, and irritability. It may take a little practice, but once you learn how to politely say no, you'll start to feel more empowered, and you'll have more time for your self-care and to authentically care for others.  Say Yes to yourself! Self-love is the courage to live your truth, wherever you are.  PC: @tomjohnsonstudio @voguehommes Every one of our products is carefully formulated, developed, and vetted in-house and in collaboration with companies, individual innovators, and chemists according to today and tomorrow’s standards of beauty and quality— and for this reason, each product we introduce comes out in drops. It's a reflection of our commitment to true #innovation and real #accountability as a skincare and wellness brand.

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