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ATEM: The Air You Breathe
We’re building adults a place to accept themselves, educate themselves, and live their fullest lives using products that will supplement them in the most honest, educated and fruitful way possible.
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Skincare is a pivotal instrument in the way we take care of ourselves.
From as young as adolescence, the conversations surrounding skincare and bodycare have informed us that the way we take care of our skin and our body is the way we take care of our selves. For many, physical products directly affect our moods and how good we feel about ourselves and our lives. As we age, we learn to experience radical self-acceptance- acceptance beyond circumstance, the external or object, and radical discovery: a discovery of the keys that unlock the potential to the life that is uniquely ours; we learn to experience these at their most realized forms only through a relentless pursuit until death meets us. Our mission is to instigate that understanding in you as early as possible.
Most brands try to sell you a value linked to the aspirational, “get somewhere and you’ll finally be living your best life”, “be like somebody and you’ll feel better”, “join the girl club and belong”. The world too tells you “make it here and you’re there,” “get partner and you’re there,” “join the right clubs, and organizations, and you’re there”. We’re showing you that none of these matter, when your search for self is not there. We chose to call our brand ATEM, German for the air you breathe, because we want you to remember 1. that the air you take in to fuel your body and your mind is a living metaphor for the things that propel the great essence that is you, and 2. that you need to be careful with what you’re taking in and keeping, because it will affect not only your body, but it will affect you entire livelihood and ultimately others’.
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ATEM Skincare celebrates all things good for you, essential, and of premium quality. Smart cosmetics is a marriage of many things; it’s not a mere manufacturing of product and body care, but a harnessing of the full potential of technology, human centered design, and innovative, safe ingredients packaged in hand-sized fruit. With smart cosmetics like ATEM, we serve not just the wellness of the skin, but the wellness and empowerment of one’s being. Every one of our products is carefully formulated, developed, and vetted according to today and tomorrow’s standards of beauty and quality— and for this reason, each product we introduce will come out in phased drops.We accumulate knowledge and experience in product and raw material from all around the world to give you only the best and most up-to-date, premium skincare that you deserve.
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Meet Susan. A Korean-American New Yorker who asked herself a couple questions, which led to the creation of ATEM Skincare. Why are new technologies in Korean and Asian cosmetics entering the Western market years, years late? Why is there such a high ratio of Western companies capitalizing off the K-beauty wave compared to Korea-bred companies? What factors prevent high-quality, and often affordable and innovative products of the world from reaching the everyday consumer in real-time, while comparable luxury products with the contrasting trait of sky-rocket prices of other companies thrive? Why are there so few brands that embody and offer values and narratives that are contextually progressive and global? ATEM was created to bridge together the hardware of the East and the software of the West and guide the next generation of conscious, discerning, global consumers.
Susan Im, Founder of ATEM and ATEM Skincare line

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