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Journalist Denise Brodey Has Been Working to Destigmatize Disability and Mental Health for Years. Now She’s Educating Others On Neurodiversity.

Name: Denise Brodey Role: Founder, Rebel Talent, multimedia health journalist @Forbes, @psycom, @medshadow, @webmd  Based in: Brookline (Boston), MASS Age: 53 writer, editor, producer, author, and conveyer of healthy, helpful information proud ADHD-er. I consider myself to be quirky—and I see that as a plus.  honest person who tries to be as open minded as […]


Karen Mok, Co-founder of Wellness Community The Cosmos on Asian Mental Health & How the Trauma of Anti-Asian Hate & Violence Affects Her Community

Name: Karen Mok Role: Co-Founder and Writer at The Cosmos Based in: Brooklyn, New York Age: 30 I’m the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Cosmos, a space for Asian women to care for themselves, their community, and their world. I’m the writer and editor of The Cosmos Care Package, our weekly newsletter, and I […]