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Journalist Denise Brodey Has Been Working to Destigmatize Disability and Mental Health for Years. Now She’s Educating Others On Neurodiversity.

Name: Denise Brodey Role: Founder, Rebel Talent, multimedia health journalist @Forbes, @psycom, @medshadow, @webmd  Based in: Brookline (Boston), MASS Age: 53 writer, editor, producer, author, and conveyer of healthy, helpful information proud ADHD-er. I consider myself to be quirky—and I see that as a plus.  honest person who tries to be as open minded as […]


Karen Mok, Co-founder of Wellness Community The Cosmos on Asian Mental Health & How the Trauma of Anti-Asian Hate & Violence Affects Her Community

Name: Karen Mok Role: Co-Founder and Writer at The Cosmos Based in: Brooklyn, New York Age: 30 I’m the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Cosmos, a space for Asian women to care for themselves, their community, and their world. I’m the writer and editor of The Cosmos Care Package, our weekly newsletter, and I […]

Theresa Hayes on Her Self-Talk, Therapy, and Finding Support in Community In COVID-19 & Racial Unrest

Name: Theresa Hayes Role: Model, Activist Based in: Brooklyn, New York A Black Lives Matter activist and mental health and wellness advocate, along with having been a Louis Vuitton exclusive for three consecutive seasons, Theresa dedicates her social media presence to supporting underserved communities and to bringing about awareness for the need for broader mental […]

Victoria Secret Model & Mental Health Advocate Ali Tate Cutler On Mental Health from Childhood to Adulthood and Replacing Stigma with Hope

Name: Ali Tate Cutler Role: Model, Podcast host of The Love You Give, Mental Health Advocate Based in: New York City Age: 30 She’s shaken weight and body image stigma’s hold on the fashion industry by becoming the first curve model to be hired by Victoria Secret, an institutional brand notorious for its stringent messaging […]


Sad Girls Club Executive Director Brianne Patrice on Motherhood & Mental Health, Mental Health for Women of Color, and Her Wellness

Name: Brianne PatriceRole: Executive Director of Sad Girls ClubBased in: Brooklyn, NYAge: 32 Sad Girls Club is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to create community and diminish stigma around mental health, with a focus on serving and supporting women of color. I have studied and admired Sad Girls Club and the incredible work its […]


Clinical Psychologist Jessica Lopresti on Allyship and the Mental Health Consequences of Racism

Name: Dr. Jessica LoPresti 1. In your words, describe who you are  I am a Black, African American, cisgender woman.  I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.  Professionally, I am a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Suffolk University.  I teach both undergraduate and doctoral students and mentor clinical psychology […]


Headstrong Executive and US Army Bronze Star Medal Recipient Dustin Shyrock on Supporting Veterans Mental Health & The Veterans Mental Health Non-Profit Landscape

Dustin D. Shryock joined Headstrong in 2014 and is currently the Director of Marketing (Chief Marketing Officer). Dustin has held numerous roles to include Chief of Staff & Director of Operations (COO). He has worked in the public, private, tech start-up, financial, and non-profit sectors. A veteran himself, Dustin’s service in the United States Army […]


Professional dancer Ali Deucher on Mental Health in the Dance Community: Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders, and Perfectionism

Name: Ali Deucher  Role: Professional dancerBased in: Orem, UTAge: 20 Ali Deucher is a professional dancer and choreographer based out of Orem, UT and Los Angeles, CA. She has worked with some of the top dancers in the industry and is part of the Radiance Dance Company in Los Angeles. Outspoken about fighting mental health stigma […]

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