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Professional dancer Ali Deucher on Mental Health in the Dance Community: Body Dysmorphia, Eating Disorders, and Perfectionism

Name: Ali Deucher  Role: Professional dancerBased in: Orem, UTAge: 20 Ali Deucher is a professional dancer and choreographer based out of Orem, UT and Los Angeles, CA. She has worked with some of the top dancers in the industry and is part of the Radiance Dance Company in Los Angeles. Outspoken about fighting mental health stigma […]


“The Truth About Broken” Author and Activist Hannah Blum on Respecting People with Mental Illness

Name: Hannah BlumRole: Mental Illness ActivistBased in: San Diego, CAAge: 30 We had the pleasure of inviting Hannah Blum to speak on mental health and wellness with us.Hannah is a prolific mental illness activist and author of The Truth About Broken: The Unfixed Version of Self-Love, which profiles her story of being diagnosed with bipolar […]


Martha Dorn, Executive Director of The Art Therapy Project, on Art Making and Talk Therapy as Medicine

Name: Martha DornTitle: Executive Director, The Art Therapy Project Based in: New York City With over 30 years serving in the nonprofit sector, Martha Dorn currently serves as the Executive Director of New York based mental health and art therapy services organization, The Art Therapy Project, having overseen its growth and impact since 2011. 1. In […]


Instagram Influencer, Art Director and Photographer Eslee on Faith and Social Media Mental Health

Name: Esther Lee Role: Photographer and Art Director Based in: Seattle, Washington Age: 32 Esther Lee, or as her 90,000 strong-online community refers to her as, @eslee, is a creative mind to watch. More impressively, and should one find themselves meeting her #irl, you’ll find her offline self exudes an inner grace and wisdom that appears […]

FloraMind Co-Founder Danny Tsoi on Teenage and Children Mental Health Support and Inspiration from the Hip-Hop Education Movement

Name: Danny Tsoi Title:  Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder of FloraMindBased in: New York CityAge: 29 1. In your words, describe who you are.  I am a social entrepreneur, infinite learner, and champion for human potential. I look for opportunities to impact the world through intersecting the world of technology, policy, and social change. Figuring out the most […]

Ayesha Barenblat, CEO of Remake, on Sustainable Fashion and Remake’s Mission to Improve the Lives of 75+ Million Women

Name: Ayesha BarenblatTitle: Founder & CEO of RemakeBased in: San Francisco, CA  Ayesha Barenblat is a social entrepreneur with a passion for building sustainable supply chains that respect people and our planet. With over a decade of leadership to promote social justice and sustainability within the fashion industry, she founded Remake to ignite a movement […]

Heidi Luerra, CEO of Raw Artists, on Supporting Family Members Struggling with Mental Illness

Name: Heidi LuerraTitle/Role: Founder & CEO, RAW Artists Inc. Author, The Work of Art Based in: Los Angeles, CA Age: 35 On this week’s chapter of exploring holistic wellness at ATEM, we interviewed Heidi. Heidi Luerra is the Founder & CEO of the world’s largest independent arts organization, RAW Artists Inc. She’s also authored the book, The Work […]

Alyssa Petersel, CEO of therapist match startup My Wellbeing, on Finding Good Therapists and Entrepreneur Mental Health

On this week’s chapter of exploring holistic wellness at ATEM, we interviewed Alyssa. Alyssa Petersel, LMSW is a therapist and the Founder + CEO of MyWellbeing, where she and her team connect people with the *right* therapist, while helping therapists build and manage their business. Alyssa graduated from Northwestern University in 2013, New York University in 2017 […]

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