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Nick Kohler, DJ and Music Producer, On Working Through Depression in School and in Work, Exploring His Own Sound Identity & Success, and Using His History of Struggle To Inspire and Heal

Name: Nick Kohler Role: Music Producer/DJ, N2N Based in: San Francisco Age: 26 I met Nick prior to him being the full time artist and music producer that he is now. We met on the streets of Shanghai as kids, having both decided to take part in a study abroad program made available to us […]

Transcript: N2N on finding yourself and keeping to purpose, an empowered story of searching for identity in the pursuit of one’s health and fulfillment

On A Life-long Romance with Music You pursued a music career immediately upon graduation, and were interacting with music well before. Walk me through the process of taking a leap to being a full time DJ and music producer from the beginning and how you’ve sustained in the early years. Nick: I learned how to […]

Zach Sharaga, CEO, Dear Mama Coffee On Living Life with Fearlessness, Serial Entrepreneurship, and the Importance of Self-Awareness and Balance

Name: Zach SharagaTitle/Role: CEOName of Company: Dear Mama CoffeeBased in: Harlem, NYCAge: 35 Zach Sharaga is the CEO of Dear Mama Coffee, a coffee house and up and coming lifestyle chain that has attracted a cult following of customers for its homey, neighborhood atmosphere and food quality that makes one hard pressed to think DMC […]

Aphrodite Comodromos & Loren O’Neill, Co-founders at Maison Rogue

Company: Maison RogueSubject: Aphrodite Comodromos and Loren O’Neill Name: Aphrodite Comodromos Title/Role: Co-Founder, CEOBased in: NJ/NYCAge: 28 Name: Loren O’NeillTitle/Role: Co-Founder, COOBased in: NYCAge: 26 Vera Wang, Rue La La, Saks, Cynthia Rowley, and Lanvin…  All veritable names within the fashion and retail space. My acquaintance with these women started after these founders’ stints in-house […]


Drew Hammell or @Nikestories, on Faith, Life Operating a Prolific Instagram Sports Account and a NYC Church, and His Wellness

Name:Drew Hammell Title: Director of Operations & Volunteers / Freelance Writer / Blogger Company: Redeemer Church / @nikestories Based in: New York City Age: 36 I have been a churchgoer all my life and that, in combination of being a New Yorker has given me the unique opportunity to meet people with particularly unique and […]


Vanessa Smith, Mental Health Advocate and Urban Planner, on Using the Arts & Cross-Disciplines to Challenge Stereotypes

Name: Vanessa Monique SmithRole: Design Strategist and Urban PlannerBased in: New York Vanessa is a design strategist and urban planner that has directed programs across public and private sectors in New York City and abroad. Her work is driven by the idea that people’s interactions and reactions to places, spaces, and systems make our cities human. […]


Men, Mindfulness, & Meditation: Observing the Rising Trend in Men & Self-Care

Once upon a time, there were advertisement billboards, enlarged reflections of assumed masculine stereotypes. These advertisements usually revolved around women, sports, and drinking excess amounts of alcohol. To broadcast male actions as anything else was likely subject to questioning one’s sexual orientation. Not much has changed. However, there has been an gradual shift over the […]


Amy Shapiro on Balancing Probiotics and Prebiotics Intake & Tips on Food That Increases Mental Health

1. In your words, who are you? I am a Mom, Sister, Friend, Wife and Registered Dietitian with a private practice called Real Nutrition based in NYC.  I am a NYC “lifer” raising 3 kids downtown and am all about health, wellness and active living.  I love cooking, walking, farmers markets, mom and pop health food stores […]


Alyssa Petersel on Startup Founder Mental Health, the Culture-Generational Move Towards Vulnerability, and Finding Good Therapists

Alyssa Petersel, LMSW is a therapist and the Founder + CEO of MyWellbeing, where she and her team connect people with the *right* therapist, while helping therapists build and manage their business. Alyssa graduated from Northwestern University in 2013, New York University in 2017 with her Master’s in Social Work, and The Writer’s Institute non-fiction program at CUNY Graduate Center in 2017.

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