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Stress Less, Breathe More

We are the brand you and your children will grow up with – from trustworthy and transparent education, to safe and progressive skincare, ATEM is the first direct to consumer brand focused on marrying premium body care with mental health.
We’re a small and gloriously purpose-led team making mental health a more understood thing and easier to talk about for America and beyond. 
ATEM is a brand that celebrates all things natural, essential, and of premium quality.
Spelled backwords it also reads meta: about the thing itself.
Stress less, breathe more is our motto in life, and we believe part of that comes from introducing clinically proven and natural products that will give you just that.
We are committed to a journey of wellness, because living well is really the only way to live– and we hope you’re here for that same reason too.

Founder's Story

I struggled a lot in my youth, being chronically ill, having experienced trauma, and going through an extended period of depression.
Because of this, balance was something I sought out aggressively from an early age, in part from the stress of internal and external forces.
It was something I knew I needed to be “well,”  to feel like I was really living, and this pursuit for a better and good life has helped me arrive where I am today: in a place of incredible stability and resilience, and living intelligently, with purpose, in value, and with joy.
My wish as a citizen of this world is for people to do the same in their search for wellness– which for me cannot exclude mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And part of this key comes in the fact that wellness is defined and realized differently for everyone, and one cannot sustain or expect to be well by merely consuming and digesting whatever system or solution is placed in front of him/her as “good”.
ATEM at its core is a philosophy I hope to share onto the world– to be intelligent in the living, and to relentlessly seek out good and eliminate the bad for yourself– and we’re starting that by offering you some true to promise, high-performing, and affordable hardware that’s skincare.
What is taking care of yourself without living intentionally in how you do it?
Susan Yoomin Im,
Founder, Creative Director

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