Privacy Policy | ATEM
  • The Company places the utmost priority on your private, personal information.  The Company does not sell, share, or otherwise disseminate your information to other companies or third parties.  When you purchase from the Company, the Company collect and store your name, billing and shipping information, phone number, email address, and Paypal information.  This information is necessary to properly ship your order.
  • The Company utilizes third parties that may place cookies in your browser for targeted advertising purposes. Third parties may use this data for targeted advertising on other sites. To opt out, please visit
  • The Company is hosted on WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin and Mijireh/Swipe payment processing system.  The Company currently only accepts payment through Mijireh/Swipe.

ATEM NYC’s office is located on the 7th Floor of 79 Madison Ave. in The Nomad District, New York City. Questions? Email us!

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