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FIRST MILK – Facial Treatment Face Mask (Set of 5)


First Milk is a revolutionary sustainable face mask treatment that delivers a potent formulation developed for maximum soothing and hydration. The treatment holds a concentrated amount of colostrum filtrate, a proprietary ingredient that is enriched with nutrients and has over 82 natural bio-active ingredients including Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B, and Immunoglobulins, and the face mask is a biodegradable fabric composed of milk protein fibers to deliver maximum care, comfort, sustainability in your everyday routine. First Milk is the only sustainable facial sheet mask treatment in the world and fully recyclable.

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3 reviews for FIRST MILK – Facial Treatment Face Mask (Set of 5)

  1. Andy

    Have tried so many masks and ATEM – wow
    Friend recommended it to me
    Incredible feel that left me feeling so refreshed.
    What set it apart from all the other masks I had tried… My skin felt noticeably better days after unlike more expensive masks I have tried.
    New go to mask and believer for life!

  2. nadia kanwal

    Love. Love. Love. I am a firm believer in masking but because I have hyper-sensitive skin, I have to go an extra mile to figure out what works for me. ATEM’s formulations felt gentle + soothing on my skin. I could feel a noticeable difference in my skin’s level of comfort and hydration immediately after use. It is fully saturated and hugs the face perfectly, allowing all the benefits of this treatment to be absorbed. Mask itself is soft, flexible and feels cool on my face. I am really impressed with this mask and is now part of my weekly skin care ritual!

  3. Dennis

    The first thing I’d like to say about this mask is how I love the fit! For me sheet mask can be annoying because of their fit no matter how good the formula is, if the fit isn’t right for me, then it feels like a chore to even use them. This happens to fit just right for me on top of doing the perfect job of being super nourishing. Seriously you can wear this 15-20 mins and take it off, pat in any extra. You’re done. ATEM actually gives you samples also, to share or just as a thank you. I’m excited to see what this Brand will do next!

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