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First Milk contains a potent, patent pending formula from South Korea, with a high concentration of bovine colostrum and it is enriched with nutrients and a combination of over 82 natural bio-active ingredients including Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B, and Immunoglobulins. The ingredients of this immune boosting serum protect the skin from external and internal stressors resulting in skin that feels soft, soothed, and protected.

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20 reviews for FIRST MILK – Facial Treatment Face Mask

  1. Amber Z.

    Tried the mask and loved it. Saw a visible reduction in lines and redness!

  2. Mark L.

    first time face mask wearer, so keep that in mind. This was my first time trying ATEM, and, immediately from the time I put it on, I could feel it working. I could feel the mask actively hydrating my face and relieving my dry skin, which is something that I deal with a lot due to being out in the sun every day. After taking off the mask, my skin felt noticeably softer, smoother, and, more importantly, hydrated.

  3. Tiffany T.

    Genuinely the best sheet mask I’ve ever used.

    The liquid (? not sure what else to call it) is so silky smooth and feels great on your skin
    Unlike other sheet masks, Atem actually plumps up your skin and gives it this beautiful texture, glossiness and smoothness. You can visibly see the difference after you use it. I don’t normally see this with other sheet masks
    I would be very happy to recommend this product to everyone I know!
    I use it every week/every two weeks

  4. Martina L.

    I loved the product, it felt really fresh and relaxing having it on. The fit was a bit uncomfortable on my eye, but the overall great experience totally compensates that. Today when I woke up my skin felt soft, clean, shiny and fresh. Really loved the product and would love to use it regularly!!

  5. Lauren L.

    I’m a huge facial mask user — I use it at least twice a week. I’m also familiar with k-beauty and most of my masks are from Korea, but using Atem was a refreshing experience! After using the mask, my skin felt smoother and I definitely had a natural “glow” the next day (my skin looked brighter, more radiant). I keep my masks in the fridge to keep them cool so that they tighten my pores when I put it on. If feels so great after a nice shower in the summer!

  6. Viviane F.

    The facemask worked so well and was SO lovely!!

  7. Elizabeth J.

    I’ve never had a problem with skin, but I started to experience uneven tone and dull skin. With First Milk I noticed my skin balancing out. I put make up on these days and not only do I feel the need to cover less, but what I put on just looks better!! My skin’s been looking fabulous. Thank you!!!

  8. Ardak B.

    I really liked it! Easy to use, extra moisturizing, calming and smoothing. I have very sensitive skin and it worked really well for me.

    And I also liked that it was free of artificial fragrance.

  9. Annie J.

    Skin feels very plump, dewey, and comfortable the day after and I always get complements. The face mask solution is slightly thicker than most and the result is MUCH better!

    Would highly recommend FIRST carefully and thoroughly washing the face in warm, soapy water so that the pores open and THEN applying this immediately. The results were good before, but once I did this, they’ve been even better. Am really happy with this product, and felt confident to gift this to my boss and friends.

  10. Jamie O.

    This mask quickly became a part of my everyday routine! It’s natural and mild, which is perfect because I have sensitive skin, and yet super hydrating! Thank you for this wonderful product

  11. Kelsey K.

    Silky smooth! The mask feels great on your skin and leaves your skin silky for days. My skin is visibly plumper and smoother

  12. Victoria W.

    Amazing mask (one of my favorites)! This mask is one of the most moisturizing masks out there – you can literally leave it on all night. But best part is removing it and seeing significantly brighter skin. Perfect for a skin pick me up.

  13. Genevieve R.

    I have really sensitive skin and this mask was a Godsend. It feels really light to the touch and is also moisturizing and calming. Highly recommend!

  14. Erika A.

    The mask is clean, fresh and natural. It leaves skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Would recommend!

  15. Erica C., @eggcanvas

    The ATEM mask has a really light smell that’s extremely relaxing and I love incorporating it into my nighttime skincare routine. My skin seems to drink up the moisture and leaves the surface super smooth and brightened.

  16. Adrian G., Babel Ventures

    I bought ATEM’s face masks for my roommates and I (3 guys) after hearing rave reviews from a friend. Most guys treat face masks as a trivial part of their routine, if they even have one. Next morning our house group chat lit up with “Damn, my skin looks really good.” Safe to say, we immediately ordered some more.

  17. Kristie L.

    The face mask came in very attractive packaging, and the mask itself was very luxurious feeling—it generously covers your face and leaves your face feeling cooled and refreshed. I especially like the extra product in the package for applying to face and neck. Highly recommend!

  18. Ravid R.

    It felt like I removed 5 years of my life when I peeled it off.

  19. Melissa L

    It was calming and left my skin feeling dewy. The only complaint I have is about sizing bc it was a little bit big for my face so certain parts of it weren’t sticking as I would have liked it to, but I realize its easier to have a one size fits all mask for production reasons. Overall I thought the product was great!

  20. Sade Jones

    I haven’t done many facials but I really liked the feeling of the mask. It felt like it was high quality, thick and stayed on easily. There was a lot of excess product on my face after that kind of tingled but I just wiped it off. My skin felt smooth, moisturized and seemed to be brighter after. I look forward to using it a couple more items this week to see if I experience more benefits.

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