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SUPER – Age Defense Facial Cream with Milk Protein + Peptide Complex (50ML)


The best anti aging and anti wrinkle cream for men and women approaching their late 20s, 30s, and 40s. Engineered by a team of South Korea’s leading innovators with over 23 years of expertise in chemistry and raw material science to bring you a state of the art cream that delivers premium results and protection without compromising your pocket. SUPER’s ingredients include an octapeptide complex sourced from Spain that’s proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by facial muscle contractions combined with nourishing ingredients such as Beta-Glucan, Allantoin, Arnica Montana, Milk Protein, Squalane, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil and Baikal Skullcap Extract. Supremely gentle on acne, combination and sensitive skin with moisturizing effects that are long lasting, SUPER Cream does not leave a greasy finish. For optimal results use daily, morning and night.

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18 reviews for SUPER – Age Defense Facial Cream with Milk Protein + Peptide Complex (50ML)

  1. Stephanie

    Love the cream, I’m still in awe with how soft it makes my face feel! I had my mom and boyfriend try out the cream and they both love it as well.

  2. Kayla K.

    I’ve been using the super cream for a few days now and absolutely loving it so far. The feel of my skin has changed so much! So much smoother and hydrated

  3. Adrienne Smith

    I love this clean antiaging cream! It gets 5 stars from me..it works great on my skin, doesn’t smell bad, or at all, doesn’t feel oily or clammy after I use it. Its great; its affordable at that!

  4. Agnes S.

    I got the smaller size of SUPER and it’s exceptionally light and penetrating. My skin feels better already. I am looking forward to seeing the long term effects.

  5. Zach K

    I just finished a jar and I must say – this was a fantastic product. I’ve always gone for the ‘big corporate’ facial creams (the niveas of the world) but never again. Atem genuinely changed my skincare routine and I cannot wait for the next jar to arrive. You can feel the difference just after a few days of continuous application.

  6. Justin T.

    This cream was outstanding, I had read a lot about Colostrum for gut health and it’s internal benefits and I take it regularly but I hadn’t found a product that has it as a quality sourced topical skin care product. The Atem face cream like their other products doesn’t use cheap fillers or peg and it’s really rich and permeates the skin well but doesn’t leave it oily which is fantastic. This has also gone a long way and I’m due to get more.
    A peptide cream with colostrum filtrate is a pretty amazing combo. I’m all about this.

  7. Beth N.

    For a long time now I’ve been using daily serums and moisturizer, plus a drop or two of face oil in the winter (and sunscreen, of course). I sometimes add more products, because my skin tends to be dry, and sometimes do the bare minimum; in general, it’s been fine. But adding this Atem cream to the regimen (and at night) has made a noticeable difference over the past few months. My skin is simply better. Nothing dramatic overnight, just slowly brighter and smoother. And I love that this cream is light, soft, and fragrance-free. I first learned about this product by chance, when I asked someone with beautiful skin about what she used. Now it is an essential part of my skin care.

  8. Angie

    I got the large (FREE!) sample of this moisturizer and a mask to try from Atem and I was so impressed by the quality and also the customer service. They even sent me a free extra mask and postcard to send to a friend! This moisturizer was so great both in having a good ingredient list but also being really hydrating. Even with the 10ml sample I saw a difference. I noticed my skin was not as hydrated when I ran out of the sample and went back to my regular moisturizer. It might be a little too heavy for summer for me (I’m super oily in the hot NYC summers typically) but I’m definitely going to buy the full size for this fall so I have it through all the cold weather months. Really excited to see what Atem comes out with next.

  9. Jarrett

    I absolutely loved my Atem moisturizer, the ingredient list was one of the most impressive I’ve tried! It’s a beautiful formula that feels like luxury skincare, thanks for a great product!

  10. Alia Rozsa

    I am loving the super cream. The consistency is so light and luxurious but I feel hydrated. I used the Lala Retro by Drunk Elephant and I much prefer this texture. A little goes a long way! I really like the milk smell too. I have been using this for months nightly and it works well with any serums or oils I use with this. Would repurchase again. 

  11. Nataliya (verified owner)

    For so long I have struggled with my skincare. I have combo skin, it’s sensitive and prone to breakouts to the point where I don’t remember the last time my face had zero pimples. Turning 25 I realized I need to get serious about my skin care and I began my research for clean and fragrance free products – on youtube. One of the skincare channels that I enjoy watching recommended this product, I ordered the sample and crossed my fingers that my face wouldn’t freak out. After one week I was already noticing a difference, after week two I ordered the full size and this is now my holy grail product. This cream makes me skin feel nourished but not oily or greasy, I have only ONE breakout left on my face (this is rare), and it absorbs into my skin so beautifully while leaving it looking healthy and glowy. The last three weeks of using the product has made me enjoy doing my skin care routine for the first time in years. If I could rate 100 stars, I would.

    • ATEM

      Hi Nataliya, thank you for sharing your story! I am so happy to hear that SUPER solved a long-term concern for you and that you’re really enjoying it. This is why we do what we do, and we’re happy to have you along for the journey!
      Susan Im, founder of ATEM

  12. Andy

    Tried the face mask – loved it
    Decided to give the Anti aging cream a try
    – love the texture
    – less expensive and face feels so much better than previous night cream
    – a guy friend tried it and literally said ‘woah I get why you use this stuff every day, feels awesome’ yes that is why you buy quality products

  13. nadia kanwal

    Finally, a facial cream that actually works on my problematic hyper-sensitive skin type! Being a working mom + a New Yorker, life is always on the run (and stressful) that it is so important that my skin’s health is taken care of inside and out. This delicious and luxurious textured moisturizer is so gentle on my skin that it actually helps me lock in my serum, leaving my skin hydrated, healthy and young looking. A life changing moisturizer that is now an essential part of my routine! Oh and did I mention eco-friendly, sustainable packaging? 🙂

  14. Aisha Beau

    I absolutely love this facial cream! Not only is it beautifully packaged, but it actually works. It’s the perfect compliment to my skincare routine and truly locks in that moisture, for an all-day glow. I’d highly recommend it!

  15. Dennis

    I was in the market for a new moisturizer ( I like to try new ones depending on the season) and I was watching a YouTube video by the lovely ladies at ‘Beauty Within’ when I saw this jar…which to me was striking and simple, so I hopped online, read the ingredients, and decided to order. I love everything about this cream from its packaging, to its feel…it’s such a unique moisturizer. I have oily/dehydrated skin and this cream feels like it adapts to my skins needs, with just a dime sized amount, no lie my skin feels baby smooth. You can tell the company put allot into this product seeings as its one of 2 Items they created( I also have the sheet mask, which honestly might just be my ride or dies from now on).

  16. Spencer Wong

    I JUST finished up my jar of SUPER cream, and I am SO sad that it is gone! First off, a little about my skin type: semi-sensitive, combo-oily skin that is not acne prone (at the current moment). I layer this on as a light night cream after I put toner / serum / moisturizer. I don’t use it during the day as a personal preference because my SPF is quite heavy and moisturizing alone, so I don’t need this extra. Also, there is no fragrance, or I was not able to smell any.

    Why do I love this so much? It is super light. Because I have combo-oily skin, I like my products to be light but give it the hydration and moisturizing that I need it to, so my face stops producing compensatory oil. This really does make my skin feel very supple. The smallest bit of it smooths on so perfectly for your entire face. And trust me, this is a thing that is very important to me, especially when products are on the higher-end spectrum. Another thing that I love about this ATEM cream is that there is research behind the peptides (SNAP-8 peptide), the story is told behind it. It gives me confidence when I try out products to know that there has been a lot of work that has gone into it, both in terms of formulation and also what the ingredients are doing. It also ticks all the boxes of ingredients that I want: niacinamide, allantoin, squalane. These all help my pores and keep my skin moisturized perfectly.

    Final conclusion: I’m combo-oily and I love this product. I would definitely recommend it. I can’t vouch for the anti-aging aspects of it (because that’s hard for me to gauge by eye), but I trust that it is helping out!

  17. Melissa G.

    Each morning and night I use 2 serums and 2 creams religiously while mixing brands. The cream is so soft, it’s like a luxurious treatment that just soothes any irritation while hydrating all night and day long.
    It can compete with the best creams out there that cost much, much more.

  18. Christine Y.

    My skin is super oily, and after years of experimenting with countless different creams, serums, exfoliators, etc. to keep my sebum under control, there are 2 holy grail products that I can’t live without: ATEM SUPER cream and Biologique Recherche’s P50 1970. Before I found SUPER, I wouldn’t really use night cream because I would always wake up with an extremely oily face, but SUPER absorbs so nicely and leaves behind a perfectly dewy texture that lasts into the morning. For this price, you can’t find a better anti-aging cream. Plus, I love that it’s unscented, and a little bit really goes a long way, I’ve been using SUPER nightly for a few months now and am only about halfway through the bottle. Seriously, I don’t need to wear foundation/concealer anymore and many friends have commented that my skin looks amazing, and I always recommend this product.

  19. Fii

    Recyclable packaging? I love the colour combination of the forest green label with baby pink lid – it’s one of those jars that even after the product is finished, I’ll most likely find a use for it. It feels very lightweight on the skin, but also super moisturising which can be a hard balance to strike. It absorbs quickly, leaving a slight sheen on the areas applied, but that mattifies within minutes to leave my skin feeling soft and supple. I’m lucky that I’m eternally baby-faced and don’t suffer from prominent wrinkles, so I can’t comment on the anti-ageing properties of the product, but I have noticed that my skin does appear plumper and more moisturised even on days where I know my water intake has not been the best.

  20. Steve M.

    What I like most about it is that it doesn’t feel greasy, but yet still thick and not watery. I think the product is great, I just feel it was missing a scent.

  21. Brenda C.

    Was easy to apply, I didn’t need to use a lot, it absorbed very well, and the consistency and scent wasn’t overwhelming. I liked that a little bit goes a long way. It easily and quickly absorbed into my face and neck, and even when I was sweating, it didn’t conflict with the cream. Other face creams show droplets of sweat around my nose. This one didn’t do that.

  22. Joe H.

    On my first night with ATEM I noticed it was wetter like Lather & Wood’s.  That got me thinking about oils and a potential breakout, however I kept an open mind.  ATEM never made me oily though and I didn’t break out.  Now I’m used to the wetter consistency and like the way it makes my skin feel.  
    I like the way it makes my skin feel super-hydrated like a baby’s, especially when I walk around– it’s like I can feel the air touching my face for the first time.  My skin feels hydrated even to the next morning.

  23. Kathryn R.

    Used the sample: I liked the way my skin retained moisture throughout the night, but without feeling oily. Some mornings I didn’t even feel like I needed my day moisturizer! I love it!

  24. Matthew T.

    I loved the texture – incredibly smooth and light. It had a pleasant and subtle scent. It rubbed in very easily. I really like that it didn’t feel oily. I am a fan!

  25. Whitney C.

    I have dry skin so I’ve found that unless the night cream I use is heavy, that I wake up the next morning and my face feels taut and stretched and dehydrated. This is definitely, texture-wise, the lightest thing I’ve ever used as a night cream, but I’d wake up the next morning with my skin feeling hydrated. I used a different day cream in the morning too, but I did experience having flaky skin on my nose during the day, so maybe it wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin that’s been previously irritated. I have sensitive skin and this didn’t cause any negative reaction or redness which is a huge plus!

    Would love it if this could have SPF if it’s supposed to be used during the day (obviously for night it doesn’t make sense to have SPF so I’m not sure how that would work).

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