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Viviane F., VP of Operations

I really liked it! Easy to use, extra moisturizing, calming and smoothing. I have very sensitive skin and it worked really well for me.

Erica Choi, Design Director and Design/Fashion Influencer
@eggcanvas / Barneys New York

The ATEM mask has a really light smell that's extremely relaxing and I love incorporating it into my nighttime skincare routine. My skin seems to drink up the moisture and leaves the surface super smooth and brightened.

Caroline Deisler, Nutritionist and Wellness Influencer

LOVE them!!!

Tiffany T., Sales Director

Genuinely the best sheet mask I've ever used.The liquid (? not sure what else to call it) is so silky smooth and feels great on your skin. Unlike other sheet masks, ATEM actually plumps up your skin and gives it this beautiful texture, glossiness and smoothness. You can visibly see the difference after you use it. I don't normally see this with other sheet masks. I would be very happy to recommend this product to everyone I know! I use it every week/every two weeks.

Erika A.

It's more than a face mask. When life gets a little stressful, I sometimes think of myself in third person. I think about myself the way you would a friend; I want to encourage that girl the way you would your best friend. I ask what does this girl, who has had a long, hard day, need? How can I help her in a meaningful way right in this moment? She does so much. She's so strong. Let's do something good for her. Atem face masks have been a means of self-care. Take that twenty minutes to just be, to take care of yourself. Your face will thank you, too.

Mark L., Kaizen Leader

This was my first time trying ATEM, and, immediately from the time I put it on, I could feel it working. I could feel the mask actively hydrating my face and relieving my dry skin, which is something that I deal with a lot due to being out in the sun every day. After taking off the mask, my skin felt noticeably softer, smoother, and, more importantly, hydrated.

Amber Z., PR Supervisor

Tried the mask and loved it. Saw a visible reduction in lines and redness!

Kelsey K., CEO
Appa Life

Silky smooth! The mask feels great on your skin and leaves your skin silky for days. My skin is visibly plumper and smoother

Adrian G.
Babel Ventures

I bought ATEM’s face masks for my roommates and I (3 guys) after hearing rave reviews from a friend. Most guys treat face masks as a trivial part of their routine, if they even have one. Next morning our house group chat lit up with “Damn, my skin looks really good.” Safe to say, we immediately ordered some more.
Genevieve M. R.
Real World Playbook 
I have really sensitive skin and this mask was a Godsend. It feels really light to the touch and is also moisturizing and calming. Highly recommend!

Victoria W.
Thom Browne
Amazing mask (one of my favorites)! This mask is one of the most moisturizing masks out there – you can literally leave it on all night. But best part is removing it and seeing significantly brighter skin. Perfect for a skin pick me up.

Sade J.
I haven’t done many facials but I really liked the feeling of the mask. It felt like it was high quality, thick and stayed on easily. There was a lot of excess product on my face after that kind of tingled but I just wiped it off. My skin felt smooth, moisturized and seemed to be brighter after. I look forward to using it a couple more items this week to see if I experience more benefits.


Brenda C.
Was easy to apply, I didn’t need to use a lot, it absorbed very well, and the consistency and scent wasn’t overwhelming. I liked that a little bit goes a long way. It easily and quickly absorbed into my face and neck, and even when I was sweating, it didn’t conflict with the cream. Other face creams show droplets of sweat around my nose. This one didn’t do that.
Matthew T.
I loved the texture – incredibly smooth and light. It had a pleasant and subtle scent. It rubbed in very easily. I really like that it didn’t feel oily. I am a fan!
Whitney C.

I have dry skin so I've found that unless the night cream I use is heavy, that I wake up the next morning and my face feels taut and stretched and dehydrated. This is definitely texture-wise, the lightest thing I've ever used as a night cream, but I'd wake up the next morning with my skin feeling hydrated. I have sensitive skin and this didn't cause any negative reaction or redness which is a huge plus! Would love it if this could have SPF if it's supposed to be used during the day (obviously for night it doesn't make sense to have SPF so I'm not sure how that would work)

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